New Release of Microsoft Office is the way to the interesting events of past years 2013. You may even be using these options though acceptance is catching on like wildfire. These newest versions represent a huge change in how we can get through Microsoft Office mainly due to the move to the cloud.
It offers cloud-like file storage in the endless sky regardless of space limitation. But it is also a way that programs can be distributed to you without unavoidably installing them on your computer. Now Microsoft Office is more linked to the cloud than ever before. And your choices for how you buy and interact with Microsoft Office are more lengthened and yes, more confusing than ever before.
This is the name of the newest version of the traditional Microsoft Office software pack up that includes the person desktop programs you are so recognizable with such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. As previous to, multiple choices are obtainable within this set including Home & Student, Home & Business, and specialized. Each of these includes a precise selection of the suite programs. Although still a separate suite of programs, Office 2013 is more cloud-based than preceding versions. For instance, the defaulting save location is the user’s online One Drive. Now, you know how important it is for the large scale organization that needs a vast space to manage its database. But, with this fact, you can’t deny that there are many changes that can make your trouble while setting up or installing the new office 2013.
the best way to deal with any issue related to office 2013 is to call us our experts at their Microsoft office customer care number; +1-855-947-4746 to get the instant solution on call or via chat. Let’s check out a few common concerns for which our experts are 24*7 available.

How to switch to Office 2013


In business, your upgrading to Office 2013 would be similar to past updates. That is, your organization pay for licenses to use Office 2013 and applies an improved plan for computer users
For your own individual or small business use, you buy the plan outright with no subscription fees and either install from a diskette or download
Office 2013 is the newest version of Office suite from Microsoft. It comes up with an abundance of striking features and tools. The new Metro interface, touch and type, online storage space, latest gadgets, PDF cutting, online audio/video inclusion, and full-screen view are some of the features included with this description. The included applications have all those necessary aspects to make everyday assignments simple and fast. We’ve tried to sum up the top eight features of this newest application suite, which are mention here under. We hope you will get the assistance of these features to improve your business management and to get the further assistance about the technical issues you can buzz on our Microsoft customer support number; +1-855-947-4746. If you’re using Office 2013, then you’re supposed to face many issues related to following feature setup but our team is always ready to assist you regardless time and cost.

Touch Interface setup issues

The new Office application is intended to enhance the touch interface. Alike to other touch screen gadgets, it reacts to touch right away without any delay. You can zip in or zoom out the documents, arrangement and images on the screen. For Office 2013 support, feel free to call any our tech support team and experience this amazing feature.

Cloud Sharing with SkyDrive setup issue

On working with Office documents, the files are robotically saved in the cloud-based storage tool known as SkyDrive. As the content is stored online, users have abundance of options to access those data. You can access them via any moveable devices such as PC, tablet or Smartphone. You can also access documents offline. To sync device, you require reconnecting it. Feel free to call our experts for Office 2013 help.

Metro Design setup issue

You can enjoy a clean and striking look with tiles, which are additional to bring more beauty to its interface. Different from various traditional applications, you can take pleasure from documents, videos, and presentations on the full-screen displays. Feel free to call our on-demand Microsoft tech support services to get expert assistance you to execute Office 2013 metro design setup and install.

PDF editing issues

The new Office has altered the digital trend of PDF documents. Now, consumer has options to open, format, keep and edit PDF documents with ease. You can also implant videos and images from your PC or any online basis such as Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. Even study those pictures and videos are probable from within the file with ease. If you are not capable to fix issue call our on-demand support services for help.

OneNote customization issue

OneNote aids to collect vital notes about users including audio messages, drawings, images, texts and put in order them too. Once shaped, notes are robotically saved to on the SkyDrive. You can still share such data on the Internet following a little simple step with Office OneNote value. This application is accessible for all portable devices such as Android, Windows, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone. With immediate access, you can add and create necessary changes to the notes.

Issue while Inclusion with Skype

Skype is a well-liked VoIP application and available for approximately all the operating systems such as Mac, Android, Linux, Symbian, iOS, and Windows. It is also appropriate for Smartphone’s, tablets and PCs. It is well recognized for audio call, group meetings, video calls, and texts between PC, tablets, Mac, and Smartphone with splendid excellence. With the novel Office, you can get 60 minutes of converse time every month and even comprise Skype contacts for instant chat. If you face any issue while inclusion of Skype contact our experts.

Security setting up issues

Security is indeed another vital issue you have to remember. As Microsoft Office makes use of the Trust Center for document security, settings of it is must to be considered a part of the migration. At the same instance, prior to Office 2007, Workgroup Security (.MDW) was obtainable to secure Access applications. At the present, upgraded versions of Microsoft Office (native mode) do not sustain Workgroup security, creating the planning and implementing of the security representation a must in every deployment procedure. If you are finding any issue while setting security feel free to call our technicians on your Microsoft tech support number; +1-855-947-4746 and make your business communication free from hacking and any cyber attacks. Our experts provide you the best solution to use the Microsoft technology without facing any issue in future.