Microsoft Office 365 provides so many features in a single installation package. Though, sometimes installing the office setup turns out difficult to some users, you can check out some easy solution methods that we have given in the post. While trying to install Microsoft Office 365, users often face the “something went wrong” error message. Now we will talk about some possible ways that you can perform to fix this error.

Microsoft Office 365 Support Number +1-844-947-4746 (toll-free)

These types of errors mainly occur after removing malware or similar kinds of virus from your computer, sometimes even when you are performing a clean installation, you can encounter this error. Microsoft is totally aware of the error codes and messages users generally face. Thus, they provide you some basic and advanced solution steps to resolve the problem. Use Microsoft Fix Tool The Microsoft Fix Tool is an advanced program that will allow you to uninstall the Office 365 package so that you can re-install it again to avail the clean version. Make sure to back up your PST files (for the users that run Outlook on their PC) before running this tool on your computer. This fix tool is not only for fixing Microsoft Office 365 but if there is any problem with your Internet Explorer or Windows Operating System, it will help in resolving them as well.

Other Fixes for Microsoft 365 Installation Error If the fix tool does not help, please try out these ones:

● Check if your internet connection is proper or not
● Clear browser cookies and caches and try to reset your Internet Explorer settings
● Try to disable your antivirus for temporarily and install Microsoft 365
● Make sure to remove older versions of Office from your Windows PC.

In case you are still struggling to figure out how to resolve Microsoft Office 365 installation issues, just dial our Microsoft Office 365 Support Number +1-844-947-4746. We are available round the clock to help you with the best solutions possible.

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